What's the difference between ‘clinical pilates’ and ‘pilates’?

  • Regular pilates offers general exercises, often performed in a ‘studio’ format with loud music and treated as an exercise class. Clinical pilates are either 1-1 or in small groups (max of 4 at Optimus Health) where the instructor is able to provide very specific hands on instructions.
  • Regular pilates is conducted by a pilates instructor, whereas Clinical Pilates are instructed by a physiotherapist.  This difference is very important because physios, unlike instructors, have in-dept knowledge of injury, pathology, bodily functions and healing.  This knowledge allows a physio to assess each patient and determine which exercises are right based off your specific needs. 

  • Initial Assessments; before starting Clinical Pilates, you will have a 1-1 session with a trained physiotherapist.  This determines which exercises are right for you.  

These reasons are especially important if you have a history of injury, such as back pain or are an athlete coming back from an injury.  


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