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We understand how

your pain is impacting your life

Physiotherapists are health professionals trained in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of pain and injuries.  We often get asked what is the difference between Chiro, Osteopathy and Physiotherapy, the simple fact is, Doctors refer more to physiotherapists than any other profession - trusting our science based treatment techniques to get you moving faster. 


Our clinical approach is simple

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We listen to you, we get to know your goals and expectations.

We assess using the most recent evidenced based testing methods, we make a diagnosis and we start your treatment.

Our difference is that we EDUCATE, we know that if you understand the reasons for your pain you are more likely to get better.

We set timelines, goals and exercises that will help you see improvements quickly and above all we communicate with you. 

We believe that education is what makes our practice different, we take the time to explain what is going on, why is going on and how, working together, we are going to fix it.  

Richmond Physiotherapy

And many more conditions. 

Are you experiencing something that is not on the list above? Book an initial physiotherapy appointment using our convenient online booking system.