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With the rise in popularity of the ‘one size fits all’ model of fitness options in Richmond, we have created a place for those who take their training to the next level. Our facility, designed by ASCA Coach Jake Leslie is a place where athletes can train with specialised programs designed in mind to get you to your strongest, whilst preventing injuries and helping you towards your personalised goals.

With a cap on membership and class sizes, rest assured, you’ll won’t be fighting for space to to move


Return to Sport stronger than ever with our physiotherapy led rehabilitation. Using world class elite protocols we tailor your rehabilitation specifically to the sport you want to return to. Utilising the most advanced technology such as objective strength measures and force plates we can confidently return you back to play. You can read more about how we work with injured athletes here…

  • Strength & Conditioning,

  • Mobility

  • HIIT & MetCon

All available throughout the week. Lets get you pumped and motivated to hit your goals.

Sports Team? Hire out our facility for S&C training on those rainy Melbourne days.

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