Most people are aware that after surgery it is vital to undertake a rehabilitation program but did you know that PRE SURGERY rehabilitation can mean that you’ll regain function and return to your normal tasks faster than those who do not participate in pre-surgical rehabilitation? When muscles, bones and joints are in optimum condition before the procedure, the impact of the inevitable muscle loss and joint stiffness is minimised post operatively. Essentially, the stronger a person is going into surgery, the better the chances of an easier and faster recovery after the surgery.

These are some simple guidelines to follow with a pre-surgical rehabilitation program:

  1. Starting a program at least 6 weeks prior to surgery will give you the best possible outcomes.  If you surgery is sooner than this, give us a call depending on the date there might still be something beneficial we can implement for you.
  2. Start slowly. This is not the time to aggravate an existing issue or trigger a new one.
  3. If you are physically fit, consider increasing your intensity, frequency, or duration as long as it doesn't interfere with your current injury.
  4. Pilates is an excellent way to prepare your body for surgery.  

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