Sports Physiotherapy Richmond
sports physio

There are “sports” physiotherapy practices and then there are physios who are experienced working in sport.

Most physio practices describe themselves as experts in sports physiotherapy so how do you know that you are getting the best quality care? We are experienced in treating sports injuries because all of our staff work (and play) with sports teams. In fact, over the winter season we look after an astounding 72 sports teams (click here to read about our club & school sports trainer and physio services).


Our sports physiotherapy

What makes sports physiotherapy different from normal physiotherapy is understanding the impact that the injury can have to your sporting performance, the specialised rehabilitation that is required and the progression based checklist that you need to complete that is specific to your injury.


Injury Prevention


Gait Analysis

Sports Massage

Strength and Conditioning

Core Strengthening Pilates

Injury Assessment &Treatment


Correct identification Imaging and best practice assessment techniques 

Exercise prescription

Rehabilitation & Return To Sport


Rehabilitation Groups